kawaii! welcome
o.o The silence is so deafening it wakes you up...but you don't remember falling asleep. Why is it so quiet? And dark....you feel odd, like you don't have anymore weight. And it's so dark...and quiet.

"I'm glad you finally came...welcome to Death."

Death? Like heaven you suppose, but are afraid to clarify. Suddenly before you stands something that looks remarkably like a very fluffy cat. That's when you realize you're lying on the floor, even though you can't feel it.

"Death?" you can't help but asking after a few moments.

"Correct. I'm the GRO, or Grand Reincarnation Officer. I'm guessing you're from Earth." the fuzzy cat like thing holds out a paw for you to shake as it introduces itself.

"Reincarnation? You mean I'm dead?"

"Exactly. But don't worry, we'll have you back where you belong in no time, if you'll just answer these few questions..."

And so it begins. Where will you go?

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Please note, Mystic Eyes is no longer being played.

Susan Duffey, 2000. Artwork Kathryn Valliant.
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